Looking for a Mailchimp Alternative? Say hello to SmartrMail

If you're looking for an easy to way to do email marketing, you'll quickly realize Mailchimp isn't the right tool for your store. Learn why merchants switch to SmartrMail for their email marketing.
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Become an email marketing expert with a seamlessly integrated email app and world-class support that our users rave about. You'll be sending emails your customers love in no time.

Our users have generated in extra sales

6 Reasons

SmartrMail is better than Mailchimp for your store


SmartrMail has commerce focused tools to help you sell more

There's no doubt Mailchimp is popular when you're just starting out with email marketing and need to send a simple newsletter.

But you'll need a few more bells and whistles if you're selling things, and since we exclusively serve merchants we can make getting extra sales easier.

Easier to use than Mailchimp

All the tools and settings in Mailchimp can be intimidating, but as an merchant you don't need most of them.

We’ve designed SmartrMail with a razor-sharp focus on the needs of small-to-medium merchants. Automate product recommendations, welcome emails, winback campaigns and more without the hassle.

Send emails quicker than with Mailchimp

If you have to spend half a day designing your newsletter, you'll never have time to setup powerful automations that get more sales.

SmartrMail's composer adds your products in seconds, so you can spend more time on what matters.

SmartrMail is more automated than Mailchimp

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put your email marketing on autopilot?

You can with SmartrMail. Our product recommendation emails automatically send out the emails with products your customers are most likely to buy at your desired frequency.
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Better technical and strategy support than Mailchimp

Customers switching from Mailchimp to SmartrMail rave about our awesome support. Read our reviews!

We used to use Mailchimp at our previous jobs and hated waiting 2 days for a canned response whenever we needed help. We provide world class support with real humans who will help you achieve your email marketing goals.
300+ 5star reviews
< 1 hour response time

It's so easy to switch!

It only takes a few clicks to fully integrate SmartrMail.

If you need help migrating lists, designs and automations - our amazing support team can help do that as well!


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