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Segment your email lists by purchase history, email activity and more. SmartrMail deeply integrates with your Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Neto store.

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Email segmentation, made easy

behavioural data
Behavioral data
Create segments based on shoppers browsing behavior in your store
past purchase histories
Purchase history
Build segments of customers who have purchased particular products
email engagement
Campaign engagement
Maintain a healthy email list and re-engage subscribers through segmentation

Send targeted emails with easy-to-use segmentation

Move beyond simply segmenting your email list by opens and clicks.

SmartrMail makes it easy to segment based on product specific purchase activity, on-site behavior and shopping cart.

Flexible, auto-updating segments

Choose from dozens of different segmentation criteria to create flexible segments relevant for your store.

These segments then continue to update automatically thanks to SmartrMail's deep integration with your store.

Segment your lists by purchase history

Easily create segments based on a cutomer's past purchases.

These can be whether or not they purchased a particular product, how much they've spent, which category they purchased from and more.
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Segment based on campaign engagement

Keep your email list engaged by creating segments based on which emails a subscriber has or hasn't opened.

You can also create segments based on other customer data including location and how long they've been on your email list.

Segment by behavioral data

Create segments based on factors like whether someone added a certain product to their cart but failed to checkout. Or purchased a product from a certain category.

Utilize these segments to then send relevant, timely emails to get more sales.


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